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About Lynn

Client: United Way California Capital Region

A 20-year promise to the community, Square One Project, aims to end poverty by helping kids meet important milestones along
the way so they graduate from high school prepared for success in college and
a better life

Read to Succeed Campaign: To increase book donations, raise money to build little libraries, create a sense of community, 
motivate kids to read more books during the upcoming summer time.

Agency: Honey Agency

Art Director: Ashley Rodseth

Designer: Lynn Lin

Scope of work: Create illustrations for both print and digital, to support the marketing team.

Date: 2018

Creative Brief:

1. Friendly, Upbeat, Community-oriented;

2. Illustration style should go well with the established Square One Project logo;

3. Minimize text content in the illustration for social media posts.

The Design:

1. Color block crafty style of illustration speaks to a sense of community engagement,

as volunteers building little libraries is a big part of the campaign;

2. Featured objects represent early age education & summer. They also speak for kids of grade level to high school age.

3. When the paper-cut style alphabet illustrations are included in a social media post, they won't be considered as text. This strategy helped the posts reach a wider audience, according to how the Instagram and Facebook algorithms work.

Social Media Posts

Impact Community

Summer Reading

Little Library

Early Age Reading

More illustrations for the website.

Volunteer to build community libraries

Need donation to fulfill Amazon book list

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