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Atlas Lab

Atlas Lab is an award winning northern California-based landscape architecture studio that designs spaces across various scales ranging from urban installations, commercial areas, dense urban streets, to regional open spaces and parks. 

Agency: Honey Agency

Art Director: Ashley Rodseth

Designer: Lynn Lin(Logo, Stationery, animations), Dustin Avilla(Website)

Scope of work: Brand Re-fresh included Logo Design, Brand Assets, Website,
Social Media, animation.

Date: 2018

Atlas Lab_1.jpg

Phase One:

Design two logo directions:
1. a re-fresh based on the old logo;

2. a complete new direction.

Atlas Lab_phase 1_2.jpg

Old Logo



Phase Two:

1. The client chose the first option:
the re-fresh design from the old logo. 

2. The client liked the friendly tone from the second option, and wanted the chosen new logo to be more approachable.

3. To reference the title sequence from 
Broad City, to be more playful.

Design Opportunity:

1. Transform the brand from a last-century futuristic style to progressive, current, playful new look. 

2. Applied hand-drawing style to the new logo, giving the new logo a touch of craftsmanship.

3. Vibrant colors and animation depicts the company's dynamic new leadership and energy.

Broad City title sequence style

C'est un GIF.

The Final Logo:

1. Imperfect lines bring in more personality to the mark, accomplishing a less futuristic, tech-vibe;


2. All the spaces inside the logo are connected, creating a seamless sense of movement throughout the mark;


3. An abstract view of a floor-plan; 

*Hover and see

 the logo animation

Atlas Lab social media.png

Discover the hidden GIF images on the Instagram page

Homepage Landing animation

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