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About Lynn

Client: Simple Summers

Created by parents, Simple Summers is a stress-free, one-stop shopping platform for, mostly millennial parents, who grew up in the 80s and 90s, to plan and schedule summer camps for their children.

Words from the client: 

1. Wordmark instead of logomark;

2. 80s style;

3. Upbeat, welcoming;

4. Empathetic, diverse.

Agency: Honey Agency

Art Director: Ashley Rodseth

Designer: Lynn Lin

Scope of work: Logo Design, Brand Assets, Homepage.

Date: 2018

Phase One:

Two initial design concepts.

Concept 1—Building Up

1. Inspired by Wooden Tangram Puzzle,
an educational game that helps brain development in children;

2. All letters are built from primary shapes—triangle,rectangle, square, round;

3. Imaginative, playful use of typeface.

Concept 1

Concept 2—Retro Fun

1. Handcrafted style with modern refinement

2. S and M are shared by both words, representing the spirit of sharing and connection;

3. Welcoming, friendly and approachable.

Concept 2

Phase Two:

Refinement, final logo & collateral.

1. The client chose the second direction, which is more friendly, with less impression of video game;

2. Increased the legibility of the logo
by removing the shared S and M;

3. The primary shapes—rectangles, rounds and triangles represent diversity, different personalities and characters. Inspired
by, and evolved from Tangram, these shapes bring a sense of eclectic, encourages 
diversity and personal expression.  

Digital Asset:

Homepage design and UI Library.

UI Library (selected)

An UI library for the client to build their whole website in-house in the future, when they have their service model all finalized.

12-column Grid modular

The client will develop the website themselves, using Bootstrap. So I designed a 12-column grid homepage with 30px gutter width, which Bootstrap requires, with some additional requirements that I had the chance to learn during this project.

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