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About Lynn

Client: California Medical Association

The California Medical Association (CMA) is a professional organization representing California physicians. As the overarching parent brand, CMA has sub-brands that use the consistent typeface and iconology of coherent styleCalifornian Medical Association Political Action Committee (CALPAC), Physicians for a Healthy California (PHC), and 38 county medical societies that affiliated to CMA.

Agency: Honey Agency

Art Director: Ashley Rodseth

Designer: Lynn Lin

Scope of work: Brand Guide, Brand Assets, Digital Asset

Date: 2018


Brand Guide:

Based on the Brand logo and sub-brand logos that had been established before the project was assigned, I composed and designed a 100-page brand guide, with throughout guidelines for logo regulation, color usage, typography, photography, graphic element usage, co-brand, etc.


Brand Assets:

Based on the established graphic elements, I created a serie of icons with consistent aesthetic and style, for CMA website.

1. Leaf shape;

2. Round corner rectangle;

3. “+” sign, circles and half circles;

4. Slash lines.

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