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Motion Graphics


About Lynn

YouTube Ad Video 

A 20-second animation video on YouTube Ad.

Client: Google Ads

Agency: BBH

Designer: Lynn Lin

Homepage Landing Video

A 5-second animation for Atlas Lab.

Agency: Honey Agency

Art Director: Ashley Reidseth

Designer: Lynn Lin

Title Sequence—Me and You and Everyone
We Know

A lonely shoe salesman and an eccentric performance artist struggle to connect in this unique take on contemporary life.

This is a funny quirky film I like a lot, and using quirky typefaces has been a secret desire of mine. 

Director: Miranda July

Screenplay: Miranda July

Stars: Miranda July, John Hawkes

Video Editing & Special Effects—Love Beyond Border

A project for the 35th International Space Development Conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico in May 2016. The theme for this year is “No Boundary”.

I edited space footage and combined them with graphic animation to present a concept that inspired by an old Chinese love story: Two lovers were separated because of the differences between their social status.


I used a typeface what I normal would not consider, as an experiment.

Musical Animation—Shapes, Colors & Rhythm

A musical animation with retro style for Sugar Town,from the 60s.

Logo Animation—Halftone Liquidity

This logo animation is part of a branding project I participated when I interned at Gold Front.

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